National Constitution

Second Part: Authorities of the Nation


Federal Government

First Division

Legislative Power

Section 44.- The Legislative Power of the Nation shall be vested in a Congress composed of two Houses, one of Deputies of the Nation and the other of Senators for the provinces and for the City of Buenos Aires.


The House of Deputies

Section 45.- The House of Deputies shall be composed of representatives directly elected by the people of the provinces, of the City of Buenos Aires, and of the Capital City in case of its moving, which for this purpose are considered as constituencies of a single state, and by simple plurality of votes. The number of representatives shall be one for every thirty-three thousand inhabitants or fraction not under sixteen thousand five hundred inhabitants. After each census, Congress shall establish the representation in accordance with the same, being empowered to increase but not to decrease the basis indicated for each deputy.

Section 46.- The deputies for the first legislative session shall be appointed in the following proportion: for the province of Buenos Aires, twelve; for that of C¢rdoba, six; for that of Catamarca, three; for that of Corrientes, four; for that of Entre R¡os, two; for that of Jujuy, two; for that of Mendoza, three; for that of La Rioja, two; for that of Salta, three; for that of Santiago, four; for that of San Juan, two; for that of Santa Fe, two; for that of San Luis, two; and for that of Tucum n, three.

Section 47.- For the second legislative session a general census shall be carried out and the number of deputies shall be arranged according thereto; but this census shall only be renewed every ten years.

Section 48.- In order to be a deputy it is necessary to have attained to the age of 25 years; to have been four years a fully qualified citizen; and to be a native of the province electing him or to have two years of immediate residence therein.

Section 49.- On this occasion, the Legislatures of the provinces shall regulate the means to hold the direct election of the deputies of the Nation; in the future, Congress shall enact a general law.

Section 50.- Deputies shall hold office for a term of four years and may be re-elected; but the House shall be renewed by halves every two years; for this purpose those elected for the first legislative session, after meeting, shall draw lots to decide which seats shall be vacated after the first period.

Section 51.- In case of vacancy, the Government of the province or of the Capital City shall proceed to call a legal election for a new member.

Section 52.- All bills for raising revenue and for the recruitment of troops shall exclusively originate in the House of Deputies.

Section 53.- Only the House of Deputies has the power to impeach before the Senate the President, the Vice-President, the Chief of the Ministerial Cabinet, the Ministers, and the Justices of the Supreme Court, in such cases of responsibility as are brought against them for misconduct or crimes committed in the fulfillment of their duties; or for ordinary crimes, after having known about them and after the decision to bring an action had been voted by a majority of two-thirds of its members present.

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