National Constitution
Second Part: Authorities of the Nation

Chapter II

The Senate

Section 54.- The Senate shall be composed of three senators from each province, and three from the City of Buenos Aires, who shall be jointly and directly elected, corresponding two seats to the most voted political party, and the other seat to the political party following in number of votes. Each senator shall have one vote.

Section 55.- In order to be elected senator the following conditions are required: to have attained to the age of 30, to have been six years a citizen of the Nation, to have an annual income of two thousand strong pesos or similar revenues, and to be a native of the province electing him or to have two years of immediate residence therein.

Section 56.- Senators shall hold office for a term of six years and may be indefinitely re-elected; but the Senate shall be renewed by one-third of the constituencies every two years.

Section 57.- The Vice-President of the Nation shall be the President of the Senate; but he shall have no vote unless in case of equality of votes.

Section 58.- The Senate shall appoint a President pro tempore to preside it in case of absence of the Vice-President, or when he holds the office of President of the Nation.

Section 59.- The Senate shall have the sole power to judge in public trial those impeached by the House of Deputies, and its members must be on oath when sitting for this purpose. When the President of the Nation is impeached, the Senate shall be presided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. No person shall be declared guilty without the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present.

Section 60.- The judgment shall not extend further than to remove the accused person from office, and to disqualify him to hold any office of honor, trust, or profit in the Nation. But the party declared guilty shall, nevertheless, be subject to accusation, trial, and punishment according to law before the ordinary courts.

Section 61.- In case of foreign attack, the Senate is also empowered to authorize the President of the Nation to declare in state of siege one or several places of the Republic.

Section 62.- When any vacancy occurs in the Senate because of death, resignation or other cause, the government to which the vacancy belongs shall immediately call an election for a new member.

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