National Constitution
Second Part: Authorities of the Nation

Chapter VII

The Ombudsman

Section 86.- The Ombudsman is an independent authority created within the sphere of the National Congress operating with full autonomy and without receiving instructions from any other authority. The mission of the Ombudsman is the defense and protection of human rights and other rights, guarantees and interests sheltered under this Constitution and the laws, in the face of deeds, acts or omissions of the Administration; as well as the control of public administrative functions.

The Ombudsman has capacity to be a party in a lawsuit. He is appointed and removed by Congress with the vote of two-thirds of the members present of each House. He has the immunities and privileges of legislators. He shall hold office for the term of five years and may only be re-appointed on one occasion.

The organization and operation of this body shall be ruled by a special law.

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