National Constitution
Second Part: Authorities of the Nation


eExecutive Power

Chapter I

Its nature and duration

Section 87.- The Executive Power of the Nation shall be vested in a citizen with the title of "President of the Argentine Nation".

Section 88.- In case of illness, absence from the Capital City, death, resignation, or removal of the President from office, the Executive Power shall devolve upon the Vice-President of the Nation. In case of removal, death, resignation, or inability of the President and the Vice-President of the Nation, Congress shall determine the public officer who shall exercise the Presidency until the ceasing of the grounds of inability or the election of a new President.

Section 89.- To be elected President or Vice-President of the Nation it is necessary to have been born in the Argentine territory, or to be the son of a native born citizen if born in a foreign country; and to have the other qualifications required to be elected senator.

Section 90.- The President and Vice-President shall hold their offices for the term of four years; and they may be re-elected or may succeed each other for only one consecutive term. If they have been re-elected or they have succeeded each other, they cannot be elected for either of these two positions but with the interval of one term.

Section 91.- The President of the Nation shall cease to exercise power on the same day his four-years term expires; no event that may have interrupted it shall constitute grounds for completing the term later.

Section 92.- The President and Vice-President receive a remuneration paid out of the Treasury of the Nation, which shall not be altered during their term of office. During this same period they shall neither hold any other office nor receive any other emolument from the Nation or from any province whatsoever.

Section 93.- On assuming office, the President and Vice-President shall take oath before the President of the Senate and before Congress assembled, respecting their religious beliefs, to: "perform with loyalty and patriotism the office of President (or Vice-President) of the Nation, and to faithfully observe the Constitution of the Argentine Nation, and to cause it to be observed.

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